The Chiropractic Association (Singapore)


chiropractic association singaporeThe Chiropractic Association (Singapore), TCA(S) strives to maintain the highest standards of professionalism for the chiropractic profession in Singapore. Chiropractic is not regulated by MOH and is considered self-regulating. As such, TCA(S) has worked with experts on self-regulation for chiropractors and has developed and adopted a Self-Regulation Document that sets down a code of ethics, practice guidelines, and a code of advertising guidelines consistent with those of professional regulatory bodies internationally. Link

TCA(S) maintains the only professional register of qualified chiropractors who practice according to the Self-Regulation Document. Professional Membership in the Association therefore assures members of the public that a chiropractor is trained to the internationally recognized education standard, and has agreed to abide by the associationís Self-Regulation Document.

Although they are qualified, some chiropractors choose not to join TCA(S) because, (1) it is not required by MOH, and/or (2) they do not wish to conform to our Self-Regulation Document.

TCA(S) maintains a relationship and dialogues regularly with the nominated officers of MOH on the issue of regulation.

The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) was founded in 1988 by three of the first doctors of chiropractic in Singapore, and in 1991 became the Singapore national constituent member of the World Federation of Chiropratic (WFC), the international umbrella body for national chiropractic associations.†

WFC has Non-governmental Organization (NGO) status with World Health Organization (WHO), Chiropractic is a profession recognized by the WHO, their Guidelines on basic training and safety in Chiropractic can be found here .

TCA(S) is also the Singapore national constituent member of the Asia Pacific Chiropractic Doctors' Federation, APCDF, the Asia Pacific regional sub-grouping of national chiropractic associations.