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Constitution of The Chiropractic Association (Singapore)

  • 1. Name
    • a. The name of the Association shall be “The Chiropractic Association (Singapore)” hereinafter called The Association.
    • b) Voting rights shall be limited to Professional Members.
  • 2. Place of Business
    • It’s place of business shall be Singapore Professional Centre,
    • 93 Toa Payoh Central, #05-01 Toa Payoh Central Community Building, Singapore 319194 or such address as may be subsequently decided upon by The Committee, and approved by the Registrar of Societies.
  • 3. Objects
    • The object of The Association shall be to promote and advance the Art and Science of Chiropractic and to promote the education of Chiropractic to the Physicians, The Chiropractic Doctors, their patients and the public.
  • 4. Membership and Dues
    1. There are no limits to the number of people who may join this Association. Membership in The Association shall not be restricted as regards to Sex, Race, Religion, Dwelling or Creed.


    1. A person wishing to join this Association should submit his name and particulars on the proper form supplied by the Secretary and must be proposed by a member and seconded by another member.
      • The Executive Committee will then determine whether to accept the candidate for membership.



    Professional Members:

    1. a) They must be Chiropractors and shall be Chiropractic degree holders and graduates of government accredited courses or government accredited tertiary institutions offering professional degrees in Chiropractic. These courses shall be consistent with the Education Standards for Chiropractic Colleges as set out by the Council on Chiropractic Education – International or its reciprocal organizations and should contain its prescribed curriculum presented over a minimum period of eight semesters or the equivalent for a total of not less than 4200 hours.


    1.  b) All individuals wishing to apply for professional membership shall also supply to the association.


    1. c) A certified true copy of their Chiropractic degree/ diploma, plus verification from registrar of their institution.


    1. d) A letter of good standing from their Chiropractic Board if they have graduated  more than 12 months ago.


    1. e) A photocopy of the front and back of NRIC or the identification page of the applicant’s passport


    1. f) A copy of the rules and regulations of the Association shall be provided to every approved applicant who has paid his/her fees. A non-refundable application fee of $15 is payable on filing for election to general membership and $30 for filing for election to professional membership. Subsequent membership fees shall be payable at the rate of $25 per annum for general members.


    1. g) Professional members fees shall be set at an amount agreed upon by members at a general meeting. Membership fees shall be due at the beginning of the financial year (1st October).  For new member applications, annual fees will be pro-rated, with full annual fees (100%) being assessed if joining between 1 October and 31 December, 75% being assessed if joining between 1 January and 31 March, and 50% being assessed if joining after 1 April.


    1. h) If a member fails to settle his dues within 30 days he will be sent a reminder by The Honorary Treasurer. If he falls into arrears for more than 3 months, his dues will be automatically terminated unless the General Membership of The Committee decides otherwise. The rate of annual subscriptions or dues may only be varied by an annual or extraordinary general meeting. Any special subscriptions for a particular purpose may only be raised from the members with the consent of the general meeting of members.
  • 5. Management of General Meetings
    • a) The supreme authority of The Association is vested in the general meeting of members presided over by the President. At least one quarter of the total membership of The Association present at a general meeting shall form a quorum.


    • b) An Annual General Meeting will be held in December. At other times a general meeting must be called by the President on request in writing by 50% or more of the voting members, and at other times by order of The Committee.


    • c) At least 2 weeks notice will be given of an Annual General Meeting, and at least 10 days notice of other general meetings. The notice of meeting and agenda will be circulated to the members. The following points will be considered for Annual


      • General Meeting:
        • The previous financial accounts
        • The annual reports of the Committee
        • Reports of the sub-committee, if any
        • The election of the new committee and auditors for the following year
        • New Business


    • Any member who wishes to place an item in the agenda of the Annual General Meeting may do so provided that he gives notice to The Honorary Secretary at least one week before the meeting is due to be held. New business may be raised at the Annual General Meeting only if the general members agree to allow the specific items to be raised.


    • d) In the event there being no quorum at the Annual General Meeting or at any other meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned for half an hour and should the number then present be insufficient to form a quorum, those present shall be considered a quorum, but they shall have no power to alter, amend, or make additions to any of the existing rules of The Association.
  • 6. Management Committee
    1. a) The Committee, consisting of the following, shall be elected by those members present and voting at each Annual General Meeting: The President, The Vice-President, an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer, a Correspondence Officer and a Sub-Committee Officer and two other Ordinary Committee members.

    No member shall at any time, hold more than one post.

    Names for the above officers shall be proposed and seconded at the Annual General Meeting, and election will follow on a simple majority vote of the members. All Officers except the Honorary Treasurer may be re-elected year after year.

    1. b) A Committee meeting shall be held at least quarterly. The President may call a Committee meeting after giving 10 days’ notice. By giving 1 day’s notice he/she may call for an Emergency meeting. At least one half of The Committee members must be present for its deliberations and actions to be valid.

    The duty of The Committee is to organise and supervise the activities of the Association, and to make day to day decisions on matters affecting its running when a General Meeting is not sitting. It may not act contrary to the express wishes of the General Meeting without prior reference to it, and always remains sub-ordinate to the General Meeting, and to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the meeting takes place.

    The Committee has the power to authorise the expenditure of the sum not exceeding S$1,OOO per month from the Society’s funds for the Association’s purposes.

  • 7. Duties of the Office Bearers

    The President shall act as Chairman at all General and Committee meetings. He/ She shall also represent the Association in its dealing with outside persons.


    The Vice-President shall assist the President and deputies for him/her in his/her absence.


    The Honorary Secretary shall keep all records, except financial, of the Association and shall be responsible for their correctness. He/She will keep minutes of all General and Committee meetings. He/She shall maintain an up-to-date register of members at all times.


    The Treasurer shall keep all funds and collect and disperse all money on behalf of the Association, and shall keep an account of all monetary transactions, and shall be responsible for their correctness. He/She is authorised to spend up to S$250.OO per month for petty cash expenses on behalf of the Association. He/She shall not keep more than S$250.OO in the form of cash. Cash in excess of this will be deposited in the bank to be named by The Committee.

    • All cheques and withdrawals from the bank must be signed jointly by the Treasurer and the President, or in his absence, the Vice-President.


    The Correspondence Officer shall be responsible for all correspondence of the Association and shall work closely with the Secretary.


    The Sub-Committee Officer shall head all sub-committees and report to the Committee on the progress of the activities.


    The Ordinary Committee members shall assist the Committee in whatever ways possible and perform any duties assigned by the Committee in furtherance of the objects.


    Any member of the Committee who is absent from 3 meetings consecutively without satisfactory explanations acceptable to majority of the balance of the Committee, or the general membership, shall be considered to have withdrawn from the Committee, and his successor may be co-opted by the Committee or at a general meeting to serve until the next Annual General Meeting.

  • 8. Audit and Financial Year


    Two persons, not members of The Committee, shall be elected as Honorary Auditors at each Annual General Meeting. They will hold office for one year only and shall not be re-elected.


    Alternatively, a firm of Public Accountants may be appointed as auditors of the Association for a term of one year and shall be eligible for re-appointment for a consecutive term. Auditors will be required to audit the year’s accounts and present a report upon them to the next Annual General Meeting.

    They may be required by the President to audit the Association’s accounts for any period within their tenure of office at any date, and make a report thereon to the Committee. The Treasurer shall extend his full co-operation to the Auditors, as shall the Secretary, the President and any other Officers or members of the Association.



    Financial Year:


    The financial year of this Association shall be from 1st October to 30th September.

  • 9. Trustees
    • If the Society at any time shall acquire any immovable property, such property shallbe vested in trustees subject to a declaration of trust.


    • Any trustee may at any time resign his trusteeship. If a trustee dies or becomes unfit, either mentally or physically, or moves permanently, or is absent from the Republic of Singapore for a period of more than one year, he shall be deemed to have resigned his trusteeship.


    • If a trustee is guilty of misconduct of such kind as to render it undesirable that he continue as a trustee, a general meeting may remove him from his trusteeship. Vacancies in the trusteeship may be filled by the general meeting but the number shall not be greater than 4 or less than 2.


    • Notice of any proposal to remove a trustee from his trusteeship, or to appoint a new trustee to fill a vacancy, must be given by affixing in the premises of the Association and/or by mail two weeks before the meeting at which the proposal is to be discussed. The result of such meeting shall then be notified to the Registrar of Societies. The addresses of immovable properties, names of trustees and any subsequent changes must be notified to the Registrar of Societies.
  • 10. Visitors
    • All association meetings are open, by invitation to qualified chiropractors,chiropractic students and prospective students, as observers, and recorded in the minutes as such. Should confidential matters arise that are for member’s discussion only, visitors will be asked to absent themselves for that portion of the meeting.
  • 11. Limitation
    • Except in furtherance of the Association’s objects, all other functions of the Association shall be strictly limited.
  • 12. Prohibitions
    1. a) Gambling of any kind or the playing of paikoe or mahjong, whether for stakes or not, is forbidden in the Association premises. The introduction of materials for gambling or drug taking and of bad characters into the premises is prohibited.


    1. b) The funds of this Association shall not be used to pay fines of members who have been convicted in court.


    1. c) The Association shall not engage in Trade Union activity as defined in any written law relating to trade unions for the time being in force in Singapore.


    1. d) The Association shall not hold any lottery whether confined to members or not, or whether in the name of the Association or its office bearers, Committee, or members except insofar as shall be allowed by law.


    1. e) The Association shall not indulge in any political activity, or allow its funds and/or premises to be used for any political purposes.


    1. f) The Association shall not raise funds from the public for whatever purposes without prior approval in writing from the Registrar of Societies and other relevant authorities.
  • 13. Amendments to Rules
    • No alteration or additions to these rules shall be made except at a general meeting, and they shall not come into force without the prior sanction of the Registrar of Societies.
  • 14. Interpretation
    • In the event of any question or matter arising out of any point which is not expressly provided for the rules, the Committee shall have the power to use their own discretion.
  • 15. Dissolution
    • The Association shall not be dissolved except with the consent of not less than three-fifths (60%) of the members of the Association, for the time being resident in Singapore, expressed either in person or by proxy, at a general meeting to be convened for that specific purpose. In the event of the Association being dissolved as provided by above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred by the Association shall be fully discharged, and remaining funds will be donated to a like Society, such as World Federation of Chiropractic or applied to any recognised charitable organisation within The Republic of Singapore. Notice of dissolution must be made within seven days of that dissolution to the Registrar of Societies.